The Outside Issue

A late summer reading list


Summer reading doesn’t have to end when school begins. Technically, it’s still summer until September 22. Here’s our list of reads —both classic ...

Globalize your film collection


Hollywood’s yellow fever is a testament to the quality of Asian-produced film over the past decades. Here are some recent films from the region worth ...

Feel lucky


When times get rough, college students get creative. So while some might babysit or wait tables, one Inside staffer leaves her income up to luck.

Eat like a locavore


If you’ve unfolded the menus of Kirkwood restaurants, stepped foot in Bloomingfoods, or wandered around the Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning, ...

Identity crisis


Your username. It’s your college calling card, your identity for four (or more) years, and the first thing you type when you sit down to a computer. ...

Step Inside


Inside is a student magazine at Indiana University. We hit IDS newsstands four times each school year, but our new Web site constantly rolls out fresh ...

Let's Play


With his new book “Play,” Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, has thrust playtime back into the national spotlight. but why ...

Confessions of an expat


Senior Lindsey Harmon took a trip to Porto Alegre, Brazil, after her freshman year at IU. She loved it so much she couldn’t leave, and didn’t for ...

Hungry? You’ve got to try these.


The next time you spend an evening under the stars, don’t limit the menu to s’mores. In honor of our favorite outdoor activity (stuffing our faces!), ...

Choose your own adventure.


You might think a wild night frolicking on Kirkwood is an expedition, but there’s more to local life. We’ve picked the best adventures in the Bloomington ...

Move in, move out, repeat.


Getting ready to pack your life into boxes ... again? Moving is never easy on your back, but there is a way to make it easier on the environment. Here’s ...