The Music Issue

Addicted to Music?


Inside interviews the student who fought drug abuse by bringing State Radio to Bloomington.

Pause with the founder of Pandora


Inside called Tim Westergren, founder and chief strategist of Pandora online radio. The Stanford alumnus immediately identified IU for its music school. ...

The future of music, plus or minus one


The details of how Christopher Raphael’s “Music Plus One” project works include plenty of computer and math jargon like “Gaussian random variables.” ...

Get a room


After students compete for a spot at the Jacobs School of Music and before they compete in festivals around the country, students compete to find an empty ...

Pressure valve


Brady Short keeps a spotless car and an untarnished reputation. Tonight, he's looking for a clean win.

Welcome to the Space Jam


We were shocked when a poll of the Inside staff revealed that nine out of 13 of our staff members once owned the Space Jam soundtrack.

Five steps to fame


The path of a rockstar can be, well, rocky. A few local bands smooth the way for us.

Phenom's top 5 most-played songs


Rebey usually doesn’t take requests, but he does have a few of his own favorites. His playlist depends on the crowd’s mood, he says.