The Identity Issue

Free your feet


Run (almost) barefoot in Vibram FiveFingers.

The accidental tenor


He lost a $6 million business, his house, and his cars. He kept his family and found a voice. As a 30-year-old freshman and the star of next semester’s ...

Mascot hypothesis


Hypothesis: The IU mascot is a bold, dancing question mark.

Diversity (or lack thereof)


More than four years ago, the IU Board of Trustees set a lofty goal:  double the minority population at IU Bloomington by the 2013-2014 school year. ...

What the tour guide says.


Senior Ryan Short knows what prospective students want to hear. As a campus tour guide, Short tries to sell high school students and parents on IU ...

The average IU student


Senior Ted Timothy’s life story is anything but average. But on paper, almost everything about Ted — including his gender, age, ethnicity, origin, ...

YouTube celebrities: The IU Anthem


Two YouTube celebrities, seniors Daniel Weber and Brice Fox, talked to Inside about the true identity of their music video, “The IU Anthem.”

The home front


For nine years, American forces have waged a distant war across the ocean. Now, as my brother prepares for his fourth deployment, that war never felt ...