The Home Issue

The Shepherd's Lamb


Students know him as an opinionated campus preacher. She knows him as dad.

The word that made your mom cry


It’s time to break out the tissue box. We asked you to tell us about the first time you called Bloomington “home.”

Our house: sound


Turn off your iPod. Take out your earbuds. Listen. The sounds of home are more addictive than any Lady GaGa song.

Our house: smell


Forget that “new car” smell. Inside asked readers to list the scents that reminded them of home. We think some ambitious Kelley School of Business ...

Our house: sight


A house might have four walls, but the sights of home are a little less defined. Here are some hairstyles, landmarks, and objects that remind us of home. ...

Our house


We wanted to know what home means to you, so we surveyed 150 people about their homes of the past, present, and future.

What they carried


Home can be anywhere,  as long as you can make it yours.

Craigslist companions


“Looking for a roommate who is clean, courteous, and compassionate.”– Sanserino’s Craigslist ad

Roommate wars


Living with roommates? There will most likely be conflicts. And if your roommates don’t like conflicts, there will most likely be sticky notes.

Quick change


We raided our rooms for the junk we stash away and never use. Then we gathered it all up and dropped it off with junior fashion merchandising major Sarah ...

What’s a cutter?


Merriam-Webster defines a cutter as a type of sailing vessel, a light sleigh, or people who cut. According to Urban Dictionary, cutters are people who ...

Go ahead, call her a townie


Junior Emily Colman tells us about her block-and-a-half commute and the advantages of going to school in her hometown.