Future Issue

Sudden Heat


Three years ago this Christmas, IU assistant professor Don Belton arrived at the home of former-marine Michael Griffin for a dinner party. Two days later, ...

Stuck in time


In 1922, former IU President William Lowe Bryan presided over a ceremony to officiate the burying of a time capsule to be unearthed and opened ten years ...

Not your parents' campus


Campus reflects our college experience in pieces — the place where we first met someone who changed our life, saw a flyer that jump-started a love ...

Trending topics


For the next major trends in pop culture, we’re looking forward not to winter break, or to the New Year, or even to the winter season as a whole. We’re ...

Think Lady Luck's on your side? Think again


If you’ve ever bought a lottery ticket or visited a casino, you’ve tried to predict the future. When you gamble, you’re placing a bet on an uncertain ...

Money matters


It's no secret that students are cash-strapped. Eating Ramen every night may be acceptable now, but that cheap diet probably won't hold up post-graduation. ...

Flicks of the future


"Narrowing down any list is a challenge," Jon Vickers says. But we made him do it anyway.

The future is here


Remember all those promises of flying cars, robots, and cities on Mars once we entered the 21st century? Well, we're still waiting. Take a look at ...

Forecasting unplugged


In a scary world without your smartphone, the Internet, or a greenscreened weatherman on TV, how are you supposed to know when to bring your umbrella? ...

What happens after you die?


Death is one of the only certain things in this world. Yet, it is a nearly impossible concept for us to grasp.

Meet Dewey


I would call it a socially interactive robot, or maybe an assistive robot. We were interested in helping people who work on computer jobs to take more ...