The Free Issue

Cup Crusher


Hoosier Pong brings beer games up from the basement and into the world of business.

Free from clothes


Drive 25 minutes from campus and you’ll come to a spot some Hoosiers call paradise. Check your inhibitions and clothes at the door. Welcome to Fern ...

The musician


The MusicianMax Newman, junior New York City, 20 years old

The money saver


The Money SaverAndrew Lysaught, sophomore Naperville, Ill., 20 years old

The sorority girl


We come to college to earn our degrees and — hopefully — prepare ourselves for our chosen career. But classes and homework are only part of the battle.  ...

The future isn't free


We’re forced to pay for activities, health, transportation, and technology. But when it comes time to fork over our money for safety and sustainability, ...

Your free ride ... isn't


Aim high. Don’t forget to say “thank you.” Count your blessings. Since you were a kid, you’ve probably heard one or all of these phrases from ...

Living money-free


The assignment: Live free of money for a week. I could cook with groceries purchased during a normal shopping trip the week before, and I could bargain, ...

We all need a good hug


Hugs are the simplest way to deliver a powerful message. They comfort. They warm. They say “I love you.” But the benefits of hugs go deeper than just ...

Hug it out


Walk to the Sample Gates on a Friday afternoon and you might find yourself hugging a stranger. Sound strange? Not to the founders of IU’s Free Hugs ...

What if greek houses didn't exist at IU?


There are crests and symbols, bid days and formals, Big Frat Greek Weddings, and Little 500 pairs. But what if greek houses didn’t dot North Jordan, ...

The broke blogger


Tired of being a poor college student, senior Lia Saunders started searching for freebies and product samples.  Three years, thousands of dollars, ...

The pop-up king


With his parents’ credit card in hand, Tyler Churchward took a risk and clicked a pop-up banner advertising a free iPod. After completing the requirements, ...