The DIY Issue

Facing their wall


My grandfather never went to the Wall. A Vietnam War veteran, he never pressed his hand to the black granite monument and felt the grooved indents of ...



Newspaper classified ad sales might be floundering, but that hasn’t stopped people from buying and selling their junk. The adage “one person’s trash ...

Sell it yourself


We asked Brooke McCluskey, marketing manager of Hoosier Times (the group that publishes the Bloomington Herald-Times) for tips on writing a classified. ...

Honest work


Your liberal arts education is not a survival promise. Three students share how dirty hands fill the gaps in their learning

The healing game


When Tijan left Gambia six years ago to shoot hoops in the United States, he knew he wouldn’t have the chance to help his mother through an illness ...

Get better sleep


You don’t need pills or a therapist. These tips show you how to get some Z’s the easy way.

Repel bugs


With the warmth come the pests. Make a citronella candle to ward off those skeeters.

Adventure with a little help


So you’re not ready to adventure off into the wilderness on your own. There are plenty of journeys you can take with a little assistance. Inside found ...

Get lost


Bloomington straddles the fencepost between woodsy wilderness and hip college campus – think impractical, tight-fitting flannel. If you ever lock your ...

Brew your own beer


You don’t need to be an expert to make liquid courage from home.

Trash with class


Can the words “etiquette” and “Little 500 party” even fit in the same sentence? We say yes.

Run a grassroots movement


If you caught the “political bug” after the 2008 election and want to change your community, strap in. According to senior AnnElyse Gibbons, former ...