Connected Issue

Hire me


Score your dream job with social media and networking.

Cut off


Strolling through the Arboretum is nice and all, but who knew it’s actually healthy for you?

Taking center stage


When she was little, her room was her stage, as she reenacted commercials. But now, Kate Olsson, a senior theater major, puts on a show for a live audience ...

Paranormal activity


Brian Laythe has a Ph.D. in social psychology, but he’s also a scientifically trained paranormal researcher.

Get schooled


The College of Arts and Sciences’ annual Themester is Connectedness — sort of like this issue’s theme — see the, um, connection?

Still just two kids


Kelsey is 20 and one of the funniest people I know. She also happens to be autistic.

Singled out


Greg Willoughby lived alone in Willkie Residence Center. In 2010, he died and was not found until 10 days later. In the aftermath, questions lingered. ...

Couchsurfing across the country

09/10/2014 is more than just strangers asking strangers to crash on a couch for the night. It’s become a community, a social networking site ...

Between worlds


Abdal-Razzaq Moaz is between three worlds – the Syrian civil war, his family in Egypt, and his one year teaching fellowship in the U.S. Without the ...

A new groove


As a mother of two, 22-year-old Raven Lagenour feels out of place on campus. She identifies more with people in their late 30s than college kids in ...