A Healthy Headspace

As we know, physical health is very important and vital to a happy, fulfilling life. Getting out and being active is something every physician, trainer and mom will encourage you to do. In this little space I have, I’m not going to waste it telling you the same thing that you’ve heard your entire life. Rather, I will tell you — and stress it’s importance — that mental health can have a huge impact on your overall well-being and should not be taken lightly.

Often times we’re too busy or too stressed to even think about clearing our mind and being still in the moment (which contributes to stress so it actually doesn’t make any sense). All this leads to is burn out, unhealthy habits and bottling things up, which will eventually slow you down on your journey to success. But that ends here. It’s time to get in the right headspace to set yourself up for success.

Allow me to point you in the right direction to get this done ...


Health Center, 4th floor

600 N Jordan Ave.

(812) 855-5711

IU counseling and psychological services (CAPS) is the go-to all your mental health concerns. From just providing someone for you to talk to outside your friends and family, to making sure you leave with more than enough information on how to manage your life as a student, they’ve got you covered.

They provide assistance on time management, relationship concerns, anxiety, stress, depression, sexual assault/abuse, academic concerns and more. I can’t stress how important CAPS is to IU and the resources they provide really allow you to pinpoint and tackle specific areas of your student life. Take control of your mental state!

Wellness Center

900 E. 7th Street, Room M005

(812) 856-4468

The Wellness Center is another good one. This is the ultimate how-to space on campus. They provide services on how to eat right, get enough sleep (something I still can’t seem to grasp), control your stress levels, have healthy relationships, make safe sexual choices and more.

Sometimes you need to go back to the basics. Any and everything is up for grabs when it comes to learning here. They also provide good stress management techniques that include massages! Enough said.

OASIS Center

Eigenmann Hall West,
726 West 1900 E 10th Street

(812) 856-3898

The Oasis Center is here for those dealing with drug or alcohol concerns. They provide counseling and programming assistance to help you work through those habits and emerge better than before. It is a safe, judgement free information center waiting to get you in the right headspace. Whether it be prevention, education or intervention, take advantage of the center, for yourself or for a friend.