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Music and fashion forecast for 2013

Inside spoke with Dylan Samson, music director of WIUX-LP Bloomington, to see what’s in store for the music scene.

“In terms of mainstream music, the big trend is electronic dance music, the kind of stuff you’re going to hear at Glowfest. In terms of ‘indie’ music, well, the vast majority of what we consider ‘indie rock’ is kind of a mainstream scene now,” he says. “It’s big enough that people are going to recognize ‘indie’ names like Grizzly Bear. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Not all types of music are forging ahead, Samson says — musical acts like the Drums and Vivian Girls, which were part of the “surf-punk craze,” are coming to an end. Bands like fun., on the other hand, are far from fading out.

“What I’m really seeing is a return to more alt-punk and pop-punk bands, which is great,” Samson says. “I grew up on that kind of music. It’s nothing to take super seriously, but that trend is going to pick up over the next few months.”

Samson is also hyper-aware of rumors circulating around the music world.

“The Flaming Lips are supposedly coming out with another full length of originals next year, so I’m looking forward to that,” he says. “And there are rumors we’re going to have another Madvillain album.”

The Madvillain album was a collaboration between MF Doom and Madlib.

“They came out with an album in 2004 that was one of the best hip-hop albums of the last 10 years and there are rumors that we’re getting another one by the end of this year,” he says. “But I’ll believe that when I see it.”

Samson says hip-hop has had an interesting year so far, with an emphasis on sensitive, introspective lyrics, “ELP released Cancer for Cure in May, Aesop Rock released Skelethon in July, Killer Mike released Rap Music. Those three records were just emotionally open and honest like we don’t see in a genre like hip-hop. I’d like to see that trend continue, but I’m not sure if it will.”

Fashion forward

Lauren Jerdonek, Head Style Guru of CollegeFashionista at IU, is to fashion what Samson is to music.

She is passionate and knowledgeable — a “trend forecaster” of sorts, though she admits fashion trends can hardly be confined to a scientific formula. Instead, she says they usually represent a newer interpretation of past fashions, constantly recycled by an intuitive designer.

Jerdonek photographs stylish girls around IU for collegefashionista.com, a website dedicated to campus fashion started by an IU alumna, and writes a weekly column called “Style Advice of the Week.”

She looks back to the Spring/ Summer 2013 collections shown last September during Fashion Week. Here are the trends to watch for.

“I’d say the major colors for spring are white, black, pinks, and blues,” Jerdonek says. “It’s so interesting because usually spring carries the stereotype of Easter colors and pastels.”

These collections were hardly Easter-appropriate — they were minimalist, bold, and undoubtedly fashion-forward. Marc Jacobs stood out for his collection’s nod to the 60s and 70s, whereas Prada showed sleek designs with some graphic elements and Céline embraced relaxed, oversized shapes.

But what’s a student supposed to do with this information? Studying the collections is one thing, but how many of us are going to wear those furry sandals on the Céline runway?

“For students, the black-and-white theme is so awesome. It doesn’t get more timeless than that, so spring clothes are going to be more about fit and less about ‘trendiness,’” Jerdonek says. “Doing a monochromatic black or white look is really easy and interesting.”

One of spring’s most prominent fabrics was — drum roll, please — leather. You may associate leather with greaser moto jackets and Harley-Davidson, not the humidity of spring and summer.

But the material actually works year round. When it’s ultrathin and colorful, leather is less dominatrix, more downtown trendster.

Samson and Jerdonek are on the pulse of what’s next for our ears and closets. You can thank us later, when you’re the first to rock a leather T-shirt or download that Flaming Lips album.